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I need to get away from Sacramento. :\ It just seems so very dead to me now.


I don't know how to explain days like these...
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I've been reading LJ semi-regularly, but obviously I haven't said much lately. Now I'm breaking my silence.

And now for the updateness...

First off, my girlfriend ([livejournal.com profile] sillywiggles) has created a journal. Say hi and such. :)

The new school semester starts Tuesday, and I can't help but feel a bit apathetic. I'm ready for SF State, but I know waiting til Fall is the prudent course of action. I do plan to fill the interim with work. Hopefully that will be enough to keep me out of trouble.

Anyway, there's the public update action. There will be a friends-only post TK...
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for tax purposes, of course.

Okay, so here's what's going on:

  • My gf moved out here in August. Of all the rash life decisions I've ever made (and there are many...), this one has come with no regrets. This is the closest thing to a normal relationship I've had, and it is something I intend to hold on to.
  • School is busy. I'm not sure what I'm doing next semester school-wise, yet... (See below)
  • SF move may or may not be on hold (See below as well...)

Naturally, the move to The City is really something that is going to require metric assloads of cash. I knew this. It's not going to be anything I (or now, we) will be able to do comfortably any time soon. Leigh's more than supportive (thankfully) and therefore I'm trying to do things the right way and not just get there, which had been my previous plan. I'm ashamed to say that all of my moves have been based on hurried decisions. I'd like to change that.

So the current idea: Work next semester. I'd like to go to school part-time, but... Start at SFSU in the Fall. Get moved sometime before August.

I've been (sort of) offered a 2-BR flat in the Haight. Problems with it are: It's in a victorian house—inaccessible from the outside without some sort of modification. And I have no idea how much rent would be...should find that out soon. On the other hand, it is privately owned by my friend's family, and it was offered as a possibility...

So yeah, life is chaotic, but good. Sounds like AD&D. I just needed to get some of this out for documentation sake. If any of you have advice, feel free to offer it.

If you feel like I've forgotten you (which, is likely almost all of you) and would like to give me a chance to redeem myself, feel free to drop a comment.

True Love

Aug. 15th, 2004 01:49 am
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Ok, so I didn't really do the -a-thon thing aside from catching a bit of the mid-afternoon festivities. But the Anton / Ghetto Moments show was really what it was about for me anyway.

The True Love Coffeehouse opened shortly (within 2 weeks-ish) after I moved to Sacramento. Although I didn't actually check it out until months later, I knew it was entirely unlike anywhere I'd been before—cafes and coffeehouses were not really part of my known universe...Starbucks was about as coffeehouse-like as I'd experienced previously.

I really never went frequently enough to get to know Kevin & Allyson Seconds, but they both recognized me, and made me feel as though I were there daily. It was a great place to catch Anton Barbeau (naturally, as he kind of hand-picked the spot for Kev & Al) and some other really fun shows. Money and lack of time prevented my going as frequently as I'dve liked, but I always felt comfortable there. In fact, I think most everyone who, within the past three-and-a-half years, walked into the well-lit basement of the Victorian commercial space at 2406 J Street in the heart of Midtown Sacramento felt at home. It certainly had a feeling of youth to it, but it was one of those places where age was very unimportant, because the patrons were as diverse a group as you were likely to find anywhere.

Although they're not closing yet, and I'll likely write something after having had more rest and less caffeine (well, maybe not the latter)... The last night of music at True Love was full of the energy that first drew me to the place.

So, thanks Kevin and Allyson. I do hope the TL does reopen and I'll be back to visit, even if I'm no longer in Sacramento.
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Almost amusing budget-related quote:

"You know that old Who song, 'Won't get fooled again'?" said former Davis strategist Garry South. "There's a lyric that might apply. 'Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.'"

Also... My 60 seconds of fame:
(QuickTime format)
Spot #1
Spot #2

Happy "I'd Rather Be Emmigrating" Day!
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It doesn't take an hour and a half to get from Elk Grove to midtown. Certainly not this time of night.

Tired. And hungry, for that matter.

This week has got to get better...last week was pretty horrid.
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My meteoric rise to fame on the small screen has just taken another jump. I was filmed for a 30-second ad for SEIU Local 250 (home care workers' union) -- the ad was designed to generate calls re: the proposed In-Home Supportive Services cuts laid out by Gov. Schwarzenegger's budget.

It was an interesting process -- the whole thing went fairly quickly, actually. I rewrote the script (the one they gave me was hideous), and the creative director seemed impressed that I kept the length virtually unchanged. Hooray for mad editing skills.

Anyway, it's being edited, and will likely run next week in a few different markets around the state. This is all very surreal, I certainly never would have figured I would be doing advocacy work, let alone making ads.
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Being stuck on the light rail for 45 minutes is really annoying...doubly so when it's 90+ outside.

16th Street station is evil. Evil, I say.
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Lifted from [livejournal.com profile] darkmoon:
Choose a song (preferably whose lyrics you know). Go to Babel Fish. Type the lyrics into the "Translate a block of text" area, set the language to "English to Japanese", then hit translate. When the results come up in Japanese characters, clear the English text, copy / paste the Japanese into the text block, then translate from Japanese back to English. The results will be pure Engrish.
Paste the Engrish lyrics into your own LJ, website, wherever, and challenge visitors to guess the original song.

Me the method I living is not known,
but being to be the digital boy of the 21st century,
as for me with my father there is valium with my mother,
the mystery life which therefore is not the effect
it can grow and it is the intellectual of lazy middle class,
were many toys obtained?
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It should not be this hot this soon. That is all.

Flash mob?

Mar. 28th, 2004 06:08 pm
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There was wackiness afoot in midtown today. And it was a great day (weather-wise) for it.

About 3:00 this afternoon, a medium-ish sized pack of people (both men and women) clad in red dresses were running around the heart of midtown. I'm not exactly sure why-- there appeared to be no statement being made. I spotted said group at 26th & I.

Anyway, it was amusing. Today was a great day to be outside...especially in a red dress, obviously.
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Despite the rain, the broken elevator at 16th Street, the transit strike, and some woman sliding herself under the train at 23rd Street, my commute home wasn't half bad.

For the first time, I can say I met someone truly interesting while waiting (over 30 minutes) for the light rail. Lee, a retired mental health professional, made my commute bearable. We chatted at length about San Francisco, and he immediately started off by telling me about neighborhoods, and the importance of becoming familiar with local mom-and-pop businesses. (This is a good thing, as I'm going to be spending my Spring Break trying to familiarize myself with The City before December.)

Other topics included a dose of history, globalization, and education. Until recently, I'd never really considered academia as a "career," but I've now been told by too many people that I would be well-suited for it to deny it as an option. I'm still not sure it's something I want, but Lee made a compelling argument for it, and had more to say than, "You know, you'd make a great teacher."

Anyhow, I'm glad I decided to wait the rain (and the light rail schedule wackiness) out downtown. Sitting in a Starbucks discussing globalization had to be a highlight of the conversation. Although I don't consider Starbucks truly "evil," I realized today how very liberal in my thinking I've become.

All in all, it was a rainy evening well spent. Now, however, I've procrastinated far too long...time to get going on homework.
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...the manufacturer had it in their computer to ship the parts out April 7th."

What...the...fricking...hell? Of course, now, they're shipping them Monday. Great.

The manufacturer is in Fresno. Fresno! California! That's less than 200 miles away. Four hours by car if you drive slowly.

I should've pressed harder yesterday. I sure am glad I did today.

April 7th!? Admittedly, this was (probably) Sunrise Medical's fsck-up, but still... You'd think the shop I was working with would realize-- hey, no parts yet...but no.

I swear I am reporting these bastards to the BBB after everything is said and done. Sacramento has some really horrible medical supply companies.

(I'll try to post something non-w/c related this weekend... I just needed to vent.)
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They ordered the wrong part.

I am at a point now where justifiable homicide is my only option. I guess I'll be missing class Monday, too.

Thanks, bastards.
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My new chair took some (OK, a lot) of time getting up and going. It's been plagued with problems of varying degrees since Day 1.

Less Bounce to Da Oz. )

I miss my old shop in Houston. Hopefully I'll be able to find one of similar calibre in the Bay Area. I've dealt with every shop here in Sacto, and they all suck (but in unique ways, so I guess that's something).
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Enough rain already! blergh.

Mini-hurricane indeed.
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