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Birthdate:Feb 4
I like tables. They are happy. You'll learn to love them too.

datelife changing event
1981moved to the only part of West Texas I'll ever consider as a home: San Angelo
1983 - 1988childhood -- consisting mostly of: Atari; C-64 and other 8-bit gaming, computers; Cartoons; Swimming; Performing odd experiments with cassette tape players and duplicated tapes
1988 - 1990moved to Midland, TX. began experimening with IBM clones, ran a legit SpitFire BBS system, picked up Turbo Pascal and Quick Basic, began my journey toward becoming an introvert
1990escaped Midland and moved to Houston. managed to find several friends with similar interests. began to explore the "k-rad WareZ" scene. avoided the oppressive humidity.
1991separated from aforementioned friends due to a short move, and being mislead about school district lines
1992 - 1995the dark years. mostly spent online, discovered The Internet, started MUDding, writing, and indulging in far too much depression
1995 - 1997college. kind of like above, but kind of not. more focus on self-discovery. realized self-discovery was a full-time job, and that school was not really the answer quite yet
1997 - 2000self-exploration. began working, realized my love of the Web
2001-02-02a new millenia. moved across the country to Sacramento, CA to restart life, now that my far too pre-mature mid-life crisis had been averted

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/dev/null, 303, 30footfall, 404, 42, 808, abstract drum'n'bass, ambient, amoeba records, anime, atari, autechre, avante garde, bass, beer, behind the music, blinking lights, blue bell ice cream, boards of canada, breathing, british accents, british humour, broadband, buffy the vampire slayer, chai, cheese, cherries, cherry dr pepper, chocolate covered cherries, christina ricci, clever hacks, coffee, commenting code, commodore 64, computers, cows, darkwave, der weinerschnitzel, dihydrogen monoxide, disabilities, documentation, douglas adams, dr pepper, dr. pepper, dub, eggnog, electronic music, experimental electronic music, fajitas, faqs, film, film noir, fish tacos, food, garlic, geekgrrls, ghetto fabulousness, glasses, gnu,, gravity, green tea, grrls with british accents, gurus, hacking broken code, hair dye, html, idm, independent record stores, iron chef, japanese food, journalism, juice, kdvs, kit clayton, ktru, lee "scratch" perry, linux, lucid dreaming, microbrews, midtown sacramento, mixtapes, monty python, moose trax, mooses,, music, new wave, noise, old ironsides, pocky, poop, programming, public transportation, punk, punk rock, q*bert, quadriplegics, reading, retrogaming, robots, rtfm, salmon, san francisco, sci-fi, sheep, shiner bock, ska, speech recognition, star trek, sushi, synthesizers, tables, techhouse, techstep, tempura, tex-mex, the 80's, the dead milkmen, the internet, the onion, the orb, they might be giants, toast, true love coffeehouse, ultima, ultima dragons, unagi, vogon poetry, web design, webvan, wheelchairs, wine, writing, x-files, x10

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