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Well, it looks like I have more than enough credits to transfer. This was rather surprising and certainly a relief.

On the other hand... My Summer and Fall semesters are going to be packed if I'm to finish the A.A...which I should if I want to even consider moving.

What I need to take )

So...it's looking doable. Yay for non-stress.


Feb. 17th, 2004 07:44 pm
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What OS am I? )

Certainly not what I thought, and I'm not entirely sure how to take it. I must say, it's one of the few x86 OSes I've never seen running, let alone tried.

I do remember it being pimped hard at TAMU in '95, but I was too busy running a MUD under Linux to care.

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Well, I'm older. (and now I'm even older...)

I did manage to make the news today, as I was informed by my evening light rail operator. Resources for Independent Living asked me to be at their press conference re: the potential Paratransit strike. So anyway, apparently I was on KCRA's noon newscast.

I encountered said operator on my return home from being pierced. I can see how it can become addictive...it looks great (which was my only concern, really).

Anyhow... today was a great day, all told.

I'm approaching the 1 yr mark of being in my own place, too. I think that's played a bigger part in the whole reflect and reevaluate mode I've been in lately.


Dec. 24th, 2003 12:33 pm
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Seeing old friends is always enjoyable, but Houston is still as backwards as ever. Even near the new Toyota Center, where I witnessed the Rockets play a horrible game, sidewalk curbcuts were subpar. Asphalt...wtf?

Seeing friends was nice. Overall, it's been a restful vacation.
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So my sister has been calling me a lot recently. (About a month ago I got the first in this series of calls at 6:30am. She'd forgotten about the timezone differences. But still...it was 8:30 there--not exactly prime chit-chatting time.) Since we're not exactly close, this is a bit odd.

The conversations have been very short--consisting of little more than "How are you?"-type pleasantries.

Today she added, "I need to talk to you about something when you get here." And was telling me that so I'd remind her.

I'm sure it's something undeserving of such craziness on her part, but still... I was looking forward to minimal drama for the ten days I'll be there.


Dec. 18th, 2003 04:39 pm
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Well, it's over, and I think I did reasonably well.

Taking Jazz History online was very disappointing. I think I may have to take another music appreciation-type course the ol' traditional way. Perhaps after I transfer.

Now I have to start packing and such.


Dec. 8th, 2003 09:29 pm
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There is a drunk in close proximity of my window singing, "It's only rock 'n' roll, but I like it..."

Also, I've been exposed to far too many flu-stricken people...just in time for finals. Stupidly, I didn't get a flu shot this year.

Well, back to my paper...
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Dear Regional Transit,

You fucking suck.


Being up this early on Saturday is just wrong, anyway. Time to send off an "I would've been there, had it not been for the shitastic public transportation" e-mail.

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No /kernels directory on the CD. They may not've made it onto the ISO, but I remember getting them...

Hopefully I can convince LILO to read the kernel img from a floppy. (Which is how I've always installed Slack in the past. This whole idea of bootable CDs is strange and new. heh)
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Starting Linux (Slackware, if you must know...) installation.

Next post will be from X, hopefully.
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Being fingerprinted is the most dehumanizing thing ever.

The LiveScan machine, which was designed by idiots, didn't work for me. I suppose I shouldn't have been terribly surprised.

They ended up doing an ink print of my thumb. Or, more accurately, several ink print of my thumb. The entire process was unpleasant. The best part about it is, they're not sure if the prints they took were usable. I get to wait a few days to find out.

Needless to say, today is off to a great start. At least it's a pseudo-holiday.

Happy Monday!
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Not that we'll get to see due to overcastness, but behold:

                    Total Eclipse of the Moon

                     SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA
                            o  '    o  '
                         W121 28, N38 34

                      Pacific Standard Time

                                                Azimuth   Altitude
                                     h  m            o        o
Moonrise               2003 Nov 08  16:56          69.1     ----
Moon enters totality   2003 Nov 08  17:06.3        70.6      1.4
Middle of eclipse      2003 Nov 08  17:18.5        72.4      3.4
Moon leaves totality   2003 Nov 08  17:30.7        74.1      5.6
Moon leaves umbra      2003 Nov 08  19:04.5        87.4     23.3
Moon leaves penumbra   2003 Nov 08  20:21.9        99.5     38.1
Moonset                2003 Nov 09  07:18         294.3     ----

Don't live in Sacto? Find out when you can see the eclipse here.

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This weather is amazing. However, when the cooler weather rolls in so does the introspective, depression-y weirdness.

I now have two jobs, but neither has paid me a dime yet.

(Satisfaction is...) Job #1 )

Let's move onto the other offer, which is, I hope, nothing like the above.

Job the Second )

I think the hardest part of having this income will be saving it. I have to remind myself that my long-term goal of getting in the Technical & Professional Writing program at SF State is more important than blowing money. Between moving costs and paying off debt, all of this income is likely spoken for. Maybe if I can resume my monthly CD purchase and/or going to shows at True Love occasionally, I can stay sane.

I need to be more social. But it seems all the things I enjoy cost money I don't have. Hopefully work will keep me busy enough that I won't have time to ramble on like this.
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From El Cebolla:

Voice Recognition Software Yelled At
NEW YORK—Fidelity Financial Services' Gwen Watson, 33, shouted angrily at her IBM ViaVoice Pro USB voice-recognition software, sources close to the human-resources administrator reported Monday. "No, not Gary Friedman! Barry Friedman, you stupid computer. BARRY!" Watson was heard to scream from her cubicle. "Jesus Christ, I could've typed it in a hundredth of the time." After another minute of yelling, Watson was further incensed upon looking at her screen, which read, "Barely Freedman you God ram plucking pizza ship."
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I have my first (and only) midterm tomorrow.

It seems like the semester just started.

I think one goal for this weekend will be a "state of the rr" type post to keep me motivated.

OT Randomness: The new-ish State Uberkomplex at 16th & Capitol looks more like a museum than an gov't office complex. The "fountain" (read: thing that dumps water straight downward into tiny drains, yet always ends up on the sidewalk and street due to a thing called wind...the whole thing looks like a giant shower) is especially stupid. Isn't there supposed to be a deficit? Oh, right, our water is unmetered here in Sacto.
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I think I've finally found a compelling reason to visit NYC. Good thing I have plenty of advance warning.

And more convenient in a 4-dimensional way: Eric Idle @ The Warfield - Dec. 10 & 11.
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some clueful sales reps.

Ok, so maybe I wrongly expected Fry's salesdroids to be more clueful than "You have questions; we have blank stares"-iferous Radio Tenement.

I thoroughly recommend Fry's (and Radio Ghetto) just eliminate those people altogether. Hire only cashiers. Fewer customers will leave frustrated and with plans to return bearing weapons of mass destruction.

Bad service is worse than none at all.
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Today has been an abnormally good day. I have much to look forward to next week, such as:

  • A Job!

  • A laptop (yay DoR)

  • The South Line (I'm thinking positive on this one...anything has to be better than the never-on-time 61/62)

Anyway...good day. I need more of these.
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Hott Language-free Gubernatorial Debate Action!

This stuff is just begging to be manipulated in evil ways.
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