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Okay, so here's what's going on:

  • My gf moved out here in August. Of all the rash life decisions I've ever made (and there are many...), this one has come with no regrets. This is the closest thing to a normal relationship I've had, and it is something I intend to hold on to.
  • School is busy. I'm not sure what I'm doing next semester school-wise, yet... (See below)
  • SF move may or may not be on hold (See below as well...)

Naturally, the move to The City is really something that is going to require metric assloads of cash. I knew this. It's not going to be anything I (or now, we) will be able to do comfortably any time soon. Leigh's more than supportive (thankfully) and therefore I'm trying to do things the right way and not just get there, which had been my previous plan. I'm ashamed to say that all of my moves have been based on hurried decisions. I'd like to change that.

So the current idea: Work next semester. I'd like to go to school part-time, but... Start at SFSU in the Fall. Get moved sometime before August.

I've been (sort of) offered a 2-BR flat in the Haight. Problems with it are: It's in a victorian house—inaccessible from the outside without some sort of modification. And I have no idea how much rent would be...should find that out soon. On the other hand, it is privately owned by my friend's family, and it was offered as a possibility...

So yeah, life is chaotic, but good. Sounds like AD&D. I just needed to get some of this out for documentation sake. If any of you have advice, feel free to offer it.

If you feel like I've forgotten you (which, is likely almost all of you) and would like to give me a chance to redeem myself, feel free to drop a comment.

Date: 2004-10-26 03:22 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] madlawstudent.livejournal.com
good to here from you! It's been a while!

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