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Aug. 15th, 2004 01:49 am
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Ok, so I didn't really do the -a-thon thing aside from catching a bit of the mid-afternoon festivities. But the Anton / Ghetto Moments show was really what it was about for me anyway.

The True Love Coffeehouse opened shortly (within 2 weeks-ish) after I moved to Sacramento. Although I didn't actually check it out until months later, I knew it was entirely unlike anywhere I'd been before—cafes and coffeehouses were not really part of my known universe...Starbucks was about as coffeehouse-like as I'd experienced previously.

I really never went frequently enough to get to know Kevin & Allyson Seconds, but they both recognized me, and made me feel as though I were there daily. It was a great place to catch Anton Barbeau (naturally, as he kind of hand-picked the spot for Kev & Al) and some other really fun shows. Money and lack of time prevented my going as frequently as I'dve liked, but I always felt comfortable there. In fact, I think most everyone who, within the past three-and-a-half years, walked into the well-lit basement of the Victorian commercial space at 2406 J Street in the heart of Midtown Sacramento felt at home. It certainly had a feeling of youth to it, but it was one of those places where age was very unimportant, because the patrons were as diverse a group as you were likely to find anywhere.

Although they're not closing yet, and I'll likely write something after having had more rest and less caffeine (well, maybe not the latter)... The last night of music at True Love was full of the energy that first drew me to the place.

So, thanks Kevin and Allyson. I do hope the TL does reopen and I'll be back to visit, even if I'm no longer in Sacramento.

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