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My new chair took some (OK, a lot) of time getting up and going. It's been plagued with problems of varying degrees since Day 1.

The latest problem has centered around the suspension in the front castor (the assembly holding the front tires on the chair) in which the spring (which has nothing to do with the monster RockShox-- those are largely ornamental) has been trying to take its leave of the chair. Other than the whole broken-ass-grocery-cart-esque freakout at high speeds and two bolts that look like they were holding the castor on (but were just for our friend, the spring) wanting to come out...everything was okay-ish. Naturally, this was in the works to be replaced, but we'll get to that hellatious process in a minute.

So a month and a half ago, one of the techs (a relatively new one [he'd told me he'd just started "doing this"], mind you) from the only shop I don't loathe with the passions of a billion $EVIL_OBJECTs (read: it still takes them forever to file claims w/ MediCal, but they do onsite repairs and are nearby) came out to look at the bolt issue. He ended up replacing a part with a single long bolt. Weird, but whatever. It seemed to work. It was meant to be a temporary hack until the replacement arrived--which, you see, hasn't shipped yet because they've just now sent my Dr. a request for an Rx.

Today the spring broke. So now the situation is this:
  1. I stay immobile for months.
  2. I pay $90ish for the spring, and stay immobile for a week.
  3. I pay $110-ish to get it overnighted, and hopefully it gets fixed Thursday.

It's pretty obvious that #3 is the way to go, but the kicker is... I'll end up with an extra castor--the one going through MediCal. Naturally, this shop doesn't keep spare parts, (or rather, is uninterested in crediting me for it) so...free spare castor! </sarcasm>

I may as well have them bill MC for batteries instead. They've been losing charge a bit faster than they should. bleh.

I miss my old shop in Houston. Hopefully I'll be able to find one of similar calibre in the Bay Area. I've dealt with every shop here in Sacto, and they all suck (but in unique ways, so I guess that's something).
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